Grown and made in Victoria.

Navigating the seasonal nuances of Victoria’s climate, walnut growers engage in a pragmatic year-round approach to cultivation. In winter, walnut trees find respite in dormancy, gearing up for the coming months.

Come spring, the orchards awaken with the subtle initiation of bud break, relying on the simplicity of wind for pollination. Fertilisers are applied judiciously, setting the stage for the growing season.

As summer unfolds, warm temperatures and vigilant monitoring foster nut development, guided by an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. Water, a precious resource, is carefully managed to maintain optimal soil moisture.

Autumn heralds the culmination of efforts with the careful harvest of walnuts, followed by a meticulous drying process. Post-harvest, the journey continues with processing, storage, and the eventual distribution of quality walnuts to markets or for processing into value-added products such as Walnut Milk.

The year-round management of orchards involves ongoing pruning and environmental considerations, showcasing a commitment to practicality and sustainability among Victoria’s walnut growers.


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